2020 Fees and Payments

The 2020 playing fees are set by the Club Committee at the commencement of the season. The fees aim to cover as much as possible of the following costs: coaching, field hire for training and games, umpiring charges, association membership. All costs not met by membership fees are met by club fundraising activities. As a result we encourage all club members to involve themselves in all fundraising activities to ensure our club has the funds necessary to achieve its goals.

2020 Fee Payments

Please note there are 2 fee components to play hockey in Queensland. There are club fees which are listed below and paid directly to the club and there are also Hockey Queensland fees which are paid directly via their website.

Failure to pay the Hockey QLD component will mean you will not be insured to play either therefore, your name will not appear on any team lists in the BHA or BWHA competitions, resulting in a fine to our Club.  Hockey QLD fees are in addition to the SWU fees listed below and are as follows:

Under 10 (4-9 years as of 31 December, 2019) $37.00
Junior (10-17 years as of 31 December, 2019) $70.00
Sub-Senior (18-20 years as of 31 December, 2019) $102.00
Senior (over 20 years as of 31 December, 2019) $127.00

Please head to the Registration Process Checklist tab above for more information about paying the Hockey Queensland portion. 

SWUHC's policy states very clearly that ALL fees must be paid in full by 31 May 2019 otherwise participation in fixtures beyond this date may not be permitted.  Team managers and coaches reserve the right to refuse players to participate in games until all outstanding fees are settled.

All payments to our Club can be made either via our Majestri website using credit card or Direct Debit to:-

     South West United Hockey Club

     BSB:   084 255

     Account Number: 395509177

Payment Plans

A payment plan for player fees is available that can be accessed during the online registration process. We strongly encourage players to make use of this facility. There will be an initial amount of 10% of your registration fee required at sign up. 

Please be aware that the Club offers this facility to any players wishing to pay their fees over a nominated period of time however, the deadline for all payment plans is strictly the 31st May 2020.  Please contact our Treasurer, Clair Wetherall - (click here to email), if you are unable to meet this deadline. No payment plans will be authorised after this date.

2020 Women's Competition Fees

U7 Rookey  $      215.00
U9 Rookey  $      215.00
U13 Turf  $      650.00
Junior Grass (U11, U13, JG)  $      295.00
Junior Turf   $      650.00
Masters   $      650.00
Senior Turf - Div1 or 2
Senior Turf - Div 3,4,5,6
 $      850.00
 $      750.00
Senior Grass  $      405.00
Junior & Senior Grass  $      495.00
Junior & Senior Turf  $      940.00
Junior Turf & Senior Grass  $      765.00
Senior Turf & Grass  $      815.00
Senior Grass & Masters  $      725.00
Senior Turf & Masters  $      995.00
Dual Turf Registration  $      735.00
Dual Grass Registration  $      405.00
Turf Casual - Less than 5 Games  $      295.00
Turf Casual - Less than 10 Games  $      445.00
Grass Casual - Less than 5 Games  $      200.00
Grass Casual - Less than 10 Games  $      295.00
Non-playing Member  $        0.00  

2020 Mens Season Fees

U7 Rookey  $      215.00
U9 Rookey  $      215.00
U11 (Grass)
 $      225.00
J Grade - Junior Turf (13-18 years)
 $      565.00
J Grade and Seniors (turf)
 $      880.00
Masters (Turf - Tuesday nights)
 $      650.00
Senior Turf (weekend)
 $      790.00
Senior Grass  $      405.00
Senior Turf and Masters  $      995.00
Junior & Senior Turf  $      880.00
Senior Casual - 5 games
 $      300.00
Dual Registered Seniors (secondary Association)
 $      565.00
Non-Playing Member
 $        0.00

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